Monday, August 1, 2011

Three Oh

Well folks, it's finally arrived.  I've reached my third decade.  I will never have a two at the beginning of my age again.  I am 30.  Strangely, I'm not really upset about it, which is surprising considering the fact that I never, ever, EVER wanted to grow up.  In fact, I kind of like the idea of the maturity and confidence that comes with leaving your twenties behind.  Not that I've acquired that maturity and confidence yet, I just like the idea that I'll find more of it on this side of 30.  And to help things, I feel like I've had a pretty darn good three decades so far.  So just to make myself feel even better about being 30, here are some highlights from each decade:

Decade 1:
1. I was born.  That's pretty significant for me.
2. I learned to read.
3. I was baptized.
4. My family moved to Arizona.
5. I started school.

Decade 2:
1. I graduated from High School.
2. My family moved away from Arizona.
3. I got my first kiss.  Hard to believe, I know, considering the awkwardness of the above photo.
4. I travelled to Europe.
5. I learned to ride a horse and dance a hula.  Not at the same time.

Decade 3:
1. I travelled to New Zealand.
2. I graduated from college.
3. I got married to a man more perfect for me than I could ever design.
4. I taught junior high and loved it.
5. My two sweet little boys were born.

I would have to say #3 and #5 are my two favorites from this last decade.  And they have made this a very sweet 30th birthday.