Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Peter loves carving pumpkins.

A lot.  Combine that with the fact that he is gifted in the artistically arty art field, and you get some pretty darn cool jack-o-lanterns come Halloween time.  I, who am not so artistically gifted, carved Cookie Monster this year (below in the middle), and J, who is into classic jack-o-lanterns, had us carve the one on the left.

J had fun helping daddy scoop out pumpkin guts.

Since Halloween fell on Sunday this year, we did all our trick or treating and parties on Friday and Saturday, which left all of Sunday to make a Halloweeney dinner.  I was going to do individual chicken pot pies (or tentacle pot pies if you will) based on these awesome ones by Not Martha, but since I didn't have ramekins I ended up doing one big tentacle pot pie.  Pardon this picture.  It was dark outside so I had to use artificial light and a flash.

For our costumes this year we decided to be Snow White and the dwarfs.  I was pretty excited because my inner four-year-old has always wanted to have an excuse to dress up like a Disney princess.  I found a rather large yellow dress at a thrift store which I cut in half and turned into the skirt of my dress, got some velvet on clearance at the fabric store, and used white craft foam for the collar.  The collar turned out to be kind of a pain, so I abandoned it in favor of a red cape when I wore the costume the second time.  I made little hats and beards for the boys' dwarf costumes.  I think C turned out looking like a little lawn gnome.

The materials

The finished product
Peter was Dopey from the scene in Snow White where he's wearing a huge trench coat and standing on Sneezy's shoulders so he can be tall enough to dance with Snow White.  Peter carved Sneezy's head out of styrofoam and painted it.  I told you he was artistically gifted.

At the last minute J decided he didn't want to be a dwarf because he had his heart set on being a super hero, so we let Spidey become the adopted dwarf.  Here we have Dopey, Sneezy, and Spider Man ready to go treat or treating.

I tell you what, Halloween was fun back before kids, but with them it is just so much better.  I hope everyone else had a great holiday too.

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