Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Things You May or May Not Know About Four-Year-Olds

So sometime in the not-too-distant past, J turned four.  Ah yes, that age filled with wonder and a superfluity of naughtiness*.  And although having a four-year-old in the house is still new to me, I have already received quite an education about the things that make them so special:

1. Their bodies are bilingual.  Did you know?  I will explain.  Lately our formerly fully potty-trained son has started to have accidents as frequently as an excited puppy.  Consequently we have had several conversations about listening to one's body and noticing when a bathroom break is in order.  J realized, though, that there is one major obstacle to listening to his body.  He told Peter the other day, "Daddy, my body is trying to tell me something, but I can't understand it.  I think it's speaking Spanish."  Yes, that would make it hard to understand.

2. They can have strange diseases.  I was visiting my parents and had just given the boys a bath.  While lotioning J, I remarked to my mom what beautiful skin he has.  She agreed and mentioned that he has had beautiful skin ever since his cradle cap cleared up as an infant, to which he replied, "now I have cradle butt."  Unless he has suddenly contracted tinea cruris (do NOT do an image search on that one), I have no idea where he got that idea, nor when he started using the word "butt."

3. They have sensitive souls.  While driving to a family dinner last night, J started telling us, in a forlorn voice, that: "Some houses are all alone.  Some trees are all alone.  Some animals are all alone.  Some mountains are all alone.  Some gardens are all alone.  Some composters are all alone. . .etc."  Why yes, yes they are.  I weep for them.

*"Superfluity of naughtiness" is actually a scriptural phrase.  Is that not fabulous?  See James 1:21.


  1. Cute post! Four-year-olds are awesome. :)

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