Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things that Make Me Happy

Rather than rattle off all the things that have been happening in the time since I last posted, I've decided to list ten things that have made me happy:

#1:  The return of spring.

There are very few things that can lift my spirits better than seeing the first flowers of spring poking their heads out of the ground.

#2:  C has started crawling.

 It's funny how crawling makes him see so grown up, but makes his little body seem just so tiny.  I love it.  Strangely, and I didn't realize this until I had already posted this picture, he has also started to slightly resemble Kevin Spacey.  Hmm.

I meant to take a picture of the traditional coffee cake I make for the Sunday morning session every year, but some of my husband's family came over to watch with us and before I knew it, it was down to two not-so-pretty slices.

#4: Pear-eating-dinosaurs.

J was having a snack and this is what happened.  I have hopes that these dinosaurs are strictly herbivores, but we'll have to watch our fingers just in case.  P.S. Easy to clean tables also make me happy.

#5: We got a play structure! 
Peter wore himself out for three weekends in a row, but we have a place to play outside now that the weather is nice.

#6: My lemon seed sprouted.

A couple of months ago I decided that I would like to have a lemon tree.  Just a small one, mind you.  I am perfectly aware that I'll have to keep repotting it until it finally gets too big and I have to let it go (I do live in the mountain west after all--no outdoor citrus here!), but I went ahead and planted a seed from some lemons I was using for lemonade.  Well, it took about a month, but finally it sprouted!  I love the little miracles that seeds are.  You plant them and it seems like they will never come up, but somehow they do.

#7:  A healthy left foot.
So I never blogged about it, but in January I got mad, kicked a couch, and broke my left foot.  Not my finest hour.  Well, finally it's better and I can run, dance, and play on it to my heart's content.

#8: We took J to see a movie in a real movie theater.
J was doing really well potty training, then all of the sudden kept having accidents.  We promised him that if he could go a whole week without an accident, we would take him to see a movie at a movie theater as a reward.  He did, we did, and we had a great time.  We saw Tangled and we loved it!  Am I weird, though, that if it ever becomes a musical I want to play Mother Gothel?  She had the best songs.

#9: J continues to get better at playing with C.

Even going so far as to let him play in his bed with him.  Now if we could just make him understand that C is too little to wrestle.  Boys.

#10:  I have perfected (I think) a butter braid recipe for Sunday morning breakfasts.

 And what makes it even better is the fact that it uses a shortcut Danish pastry recipe.  Stay tuned for the complete recipe and instructions coming soon (as soon as I can get up early enough to get a good picture of the baked braid--we have eight o'clock church.  Ick).


  1. Loved it, as always! I cannot wait to see you and C next month!!!

    Love you!


  2. Becca!! How are you?? I found you through Lindsey's blog, and I'm soooo excited, you are so talented and beautiful as ever. Are you still singing? I love your blogs!


  3. Becca! It's so nice to reconnect with you after all these years! (Hooray for Lindsey's blog bringing everyone back in touch!) Your family is beautiful.