Friday, December 24, 2010

Inspired by 12 Drummers Drumming: Gift Drums

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  Well here it is:  the last day of my 12 recipes and crafts inspired by the 12 days of Christmas.  It has been a good challenge for me and I've had fun.  This last craft is really easy and great for packaging Christmas cookies that you are planning to give as a gift.  What you need:

Empty tin or even oatmeal container (I used an empty pirouettes cookie tin)
scrapbook paper
ribbon (I used two kinds:  one was 5/16" and one was 7/8")
mod podge
measuring tape or ruler
glue (I used a heavy-duty glue stick and hot glue)

If you are using an oatmeal container, cut it down the the desired height.  Take your tin or container and measure the height.  Cut scrapbook paper to that height and wrap the container.  Cut additional strips if it's not long enough to go all the way around.  Glue the paper onto your container.  Mod podge it on.  Now cut lengths of thin ribbon and attach them in a "v" pattern to resemble a drum, as well as a top and bottom border.  Glue them on and mod podge over them too if they need additional help sticking.  
Now at this point, the original lid to your container may not fit anymore.  If not, trace the opening onto scrapbook paper and draw small tabs coming off it.  Cut out the circle and tabs (see picture below).

Fold the tabs down and glue them to the thick ribbon, leaving about 8" of ribbon loose before the first tab so you can use it to tie a bow later.  After gluing the last tab, leave 8" more loose.  Put this new lid on your container and tie a bow with loose ends of ribbon.  Fill your tin with something tasty, and you're done!  Merry Christmas!

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