Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspired by Nine Ladies Dancing: The Nine Ladies Dancing Mocktail

This holiday drink is one part mocktail, one part kitchen science experiment.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term "mocktail," it is a mixed drink that doesn't contain any alcohol.  In these parts, Shirley Temples, Virgin strawberry daiquiris, etc. would be considered mocktails.  So that's the mocktail part of this drink.  Now on the to science experiment. 

Back when I was in seventh grade, my science teacher showed us an experiment where you put raisins in Mountain Dew and they appear to swim around in the soda.  What happens is the wrinkles on the raisins catch carbon dioxide bubbles which then raise them to the surface, where the bubbles pop and send the raisin back to the bottom of the glass.  When it's raisins and Mountain Dew it looks a little like beetles swimming in sewer water.  Ew.  However, I got to thinking.  If I used 7-up (lemon-lime sodas are frequently used in mocktails) and craisins, would they swim or "dance" around like the raisins in the old science experiment?  So I tried it, and sure enough, friends, my craisins danced. 

It's really kind of fun to drink this and have craisins dancing around in your glass.  Kids would love this, which is great because being alcohol free, this is a kid friendly drink.  Yay!  Here's how to recreate Nine Ladies Dancing for yourself:

-Two parts (I used 2/3 cup) cold 7-up or other lemon-lime soda (if you use it from a can it tends to have more bubbles than the plastic bottles and hence will give you more dancing time.)
-One part cranberry juice (I used 1/3 cup)
-Nine craisins
-One orange

Directions: Put nine craisins into the bottom of the glass.  Quarter the orange and squeeze juice from one quarter into the glass.  Add soda and cranberry juice and mix.  Garnish with an orange slice if desired.  Enjoy!

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