Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inspired by Four Calling Birds: Four Birdy Gloves

Ah, how cozy.

O.K., so there are only two birds, but there are four gloves involved in this craft, so I decided it would work for the "four calling birds" day of Christmas.  I saw this idea a while back on Studio 5 but I can't find the link again, so I'm not entirely sure this is how they did it, but that's o.k.  It still works for me.  This would be a great friend gift for kids to give--inexpensive, cute, and easy.  How easy, you ask?  Oh, I'll show you.  Or rather tell you.  Here goes:

Take two gloves (aka one pair).  Place one glove on your hand.  While wearing said glove, put the other glove on the same hand so the fingers and thumbs are matched up.  Remove gloves leaving the first glove inside the other glove.  Stuff the wrists of the gloves up inside the gloves to make the belly of the bird.  Glue an orange beak made of cardstock or construction paper on the thumb and draw two eyes on either side of the head, if desired (come on, no one's really going to care about two little black spots on one thumb, are they?)  Fold the fingers down to make the wings and either just leave them folded (as in the picture below) or tie them so they'll stay folded a little better (see the picture below that). 

Don't let the pidgeon drive the bus

Maybe I should have used string that would actually match the birds.

You could even just leave the fingers all standing up and call it a turkey for Thanksgiving.  See how easy that was?  Merry Christmas.

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